Provide the highest quality and give the best customer service

Mobile Storage Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (MSMC) has three factories in its group. Manufacturing since 2000, we have the most experience in making all types of storage units. We made the first storage box that could be shipped in parts and easily assembled. Now, the product line includes boxes that are waterproof, insulated, antitheft, folding, and most recently, indoor modular storage to easily convert empty warehouse space into self-storage. We are the only manufacturer using specialized equipment to prevent corrosion.

Large-scale automated equipment allows for clearance of objects 8’ x 20’ (2.5m x 30m) for heavy volume sandblasting. The best powder-coating equipment finishes a long-lasting, high performance storage unit.Our goal is to provide the highest quality and give the best customer service. We attract customers with our price and always surprise and keep them with the best quality at the lowest price in the industry. Mobile Storage Manufacturing Co. Ltd. sells products all over the world with chief exports to the United State, Canada, Europe, and Australia but supplies every continent with storage options.

抚顺武岳移动储物箱制造有限公司下有3家生产基地。从2000年开始研发和制造各种移动式储物箱,从第一个可拆卸的铁箱开始,然后到防水,防偷,保温,到可折叠的铁箱,并且还专门设计室内可拆卸间隔小仓库等等,都是自行设计和研发。并为更好的保证铁箱的防锈性能和美观, 专门定制了大型的除锈设备和自动喷塑生产线,除了用酸洗磷化的工艺除锈外,另外一个生产基地,还专门定制了一条大型的抛丸除锈自动生产线, 该设备可以清除8英尺x 20 英尺面积的大型物件,更好的保证了由于酸洗造成的一些不足, 使我们产品的质量更加有保证。

我们的宗旨是质量是生命,价格是翅膀,让我们的客户满意。我们认为首先要有好的产品质量,并且要有吸引客户的价格,我们的产品才可以销往全世界。目前主要是销往美国和欧洲等地, 而且在国际市场上取得了高度评价

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