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Mobile Storage Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (MSMC) has three factories in its group. Manufacturing since 2000, we have the most experience in making all types of storage units. We made the first storage box that could be shipped in parts and easily assembled. Now, the product line includes boxes that are waterproof, insulated, antitheft, folding, and most recently, indoor modular storage to easily convert empty warehouse space into self-storage.

5’ W x 8’Lx7.5 H’ 8’x10’x7.5’ 8’x12’x7.5’
8’x 16’ x 7.5’ 8’ x16’ x8’ 8’x19’x7.5’
组装和折叠的款式, 有平板,泡沫板,压坑板

Perfect for emergency situations, an entire load of our storage containers can be assembled in a day. Whether you need to provide temporary shelter in an emergency or want your units the same day you receive them, our units can be assembled in 15 minutes with as few as two people with ease.

Mobile Storage Manufacturing Co. Ltd. utilizes advanced manufacturing equipment such as a large cutting machine, bending machine, automatic welder, large capacity sandblasting machine, automatic powder-coating production line, metal rolling machine, large printing equipment and other proprietary equipment.

大型裁剪机,折弯机,自动滚焊, 大型抛丸除锈机,自动静电喷塑生产线,滚坑机, 大型印刷机等等专有设备。

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